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The Bee-Magic Happens Here

Buckfast BeesWelcome to the Bee Magic web site. The purpose of this site is to inform people about honey bees and pollinators.

Feel free to browse through these pages to learn more about honey bees, gardening for bees and pollinators and what you can do to help. Are you a teacher looking for lesson plans? If so, there are lesson plans posted as well as activities for children.

Are you thinking about starting a business or hobby in beekeeping? If so, take a look at the Beekeeper and Associations links for information to help you get started.

Have you just discovered a swarm of bees in your yard or attic? See the Swarms Explained page for a description of different types of bees. This will help to identify what insect you're dealing with. See the Swarm Collection page for a list of beekeepers in Southwestern Ontario that will remove or collect swarms.

I'm so glad that you care enough about bees to be interested in finding out about them. There's a lot that we can do to help the bees.Barbara Beekeeper

In 2009, I officially became a beekeeper starting with two hives and I'm also working on a children's novel about honey bees.

Read about my adventures with the bees on The Bee Journal blog, or if you'd like to read some really cool stuff about bees, visit my children's blog at

Thanks for dropping by!

Barbara Lindberg